Qigong is an ancient knowledge that teaches individuals to harness the power of their unique energy flow to bring about increased overall wellness and healing. Originating in China, this unique therapy has been proven to benefit the body on several levels. It not only helps to strengthen the body physically, but emotionally as well. Let us take a look at how this ancient healing modality can improve your life and bring about a powerful healing.

Strengthens the organs: Qigong therapy has been proven to balance and strengthen all internal organs. It can help the lungs recover from tuberculosis or the liver from hepatitis. It has even been known to strengthen the heart after a stroke or heart attack. Even if you are not actively suffering from an ailment or illness, qigong can bring all systems of the body into alignment to prevent future illness.

Speeds recovery time from illness: The gentle movements of qigong can generally be performed immediately after an operation or injury, as long as you do not exceed 70 percent of your activity capacity. Because the body is already overstressed after a traumatic physical incident, it is especially important to perform gentle movements during the healing process. Qigong can also help boost the immune system due to the increased flow of energy stimulating the lymph system. By opening the body’s energy channels, the rate at which it is healed is greatly accelerated.

Eases stress and balances the emotions: New research has shown that emotions can play a large role in everyday stress levels. Physical exercise is helpful in relieving anger. However, it does nothing for stabilizing emotions. Qigong helps relieve repressed emotions, therefore relieving frustration, irritability, grief and depression. By directly controlling the central nervous system through qigong, you can alleviate anxiety and stress on a core level.

Increases muscular strength and loosens the muscles: Qigong is effective in strengthening muscles, although it does so in a slightly different way from traditional physical exercise. Vigorous stretching and weight lifting exercises build flexibility and power, although qigong produces nearly the same effects effortlessly. The feeling of strength achieved from physical exertion is due to contraction of the muscles. This contraction invokes a sense of power, but prevents the flow of internal energy. Qigong promotes a feeling of ‘energetic’ power within the muscles, without strenuous exertion or energy blockages.

Strengthens the organs: Increasing energy flow throughout the body via qigong balances all of the internal organs, speeding up recovery from illness. It can help the lungs rebound from tuberculosis or the heart from a stroke. Even if you are not actively suffering from any particular ailment, performing qigong can help prevent future illness.

If you have been suffering from any form of physical ailment, lack of energy, anxiety or stress, consider learning how to heal yourself through the gentle art of qigong. This highly effective, ancient healing modality can be learned and performed by any one of any age and physical condition. Help your body to heal itself through energy-releasing movements to not only heal and balance your physical state, but your emotional one as well.

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