Emotional healing at Reiki Dome

During an emotional healing session, we work with thoughts and feelings that cause you stress. First, we acknowledge those feelings. The next step is to let go any unwanted feelings and emotions.

Also, we clear unproductive core beliefs. Usually, after a session client feel relaxed and happy.


Our stress relief methods are surprisingly easy and effective for releasing unwanted negative feelings such as apathy, anger, grief, fear, and lust. We use simple breathing techniques, movement, energy work, and personal guidance. During a private session, you do not need to share details of personal nature. My main goals to help clients to become more aware, more alive, and more successful.

In contrast, counseling involves talking about your problems with a mental health professional. Some individuals visit mental counselors for years but do not realize that it is impossible to change the past, though past can be interpreted in a different way that can give a peace of mind for some time.

All of the methods that we are using should give instant results. After 4 sessions most of my clients feel really good. Though, along with the emotional healing sessions, it is important to make necessary lifestyle changes to lower your stress on daily basis.