Pricing for Reiki Healing Services

Reiki healing services for your mind, body, and spirit. Come with your pain, fears, failures and questions. Exchange it for HEALING, JOY, PURPOSE, and SUCCESS in life.

Reiki Signature Formula (1.5 Hr) is the best healing session that I offer because it incorporates energy reading, Reiki therapy, and other healing modalities. This powerful session will clear unwanted energies and realign your personal vibration. Once your energy body has been repaired and healed, your physical body then follows the template of your energy body to that same state of health. Unleash your body’s natural vitality! Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of Reiki therapy and treatment options.

Distance Healing sessions allow individuals to receive healing energies even if they are unable to visit a healer due to illness or distance. Energy Laws are unique, and Distance Healing is possible because when working with energy limitations of time and distance don’t exist.

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