Remote Reiki Healing in Bellevue

Distance healing sessions allow individuals to receive healing energies even if they are unable to visit a healer due to illness or distance. Quantum physics proved that we are all made of energy and vibrate at different frequencies. Energy laws are unique, and remote healing is possible because when energy work is practiced, limitation of time and distance does not exist. This allows healers such as Reiki Masters and Qigong practitioners to balance and transform energy fields of individuals on a distance.

Health Problems are Caused by Imbalance in our Energy Field

Most of the health problems that we have are caused by imbalance and blockages in our energy system. As a result, our organs can become weak. This results in negative thoughts, emotions, and behavior that contribute further to the development of illnesses.

In a remote Reiki session, I release energy blockages and increase the energy level in your body. You can get on higher vibrations! Most of our illnesses can be cured, though most scientists agree that most diseases and conditions aren’t curable. Still, this doesn’t mean treatments can’t provide good health and the peace of mind that goes along with them. I use Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies to manifest healing on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Healing can happen instantaneously because of the desire of a recipient to heal.

Remote Reiki healing harnesses the power of energy to promote health and well-being. Research studies have shown that Reiki is more effective than a placebo, providing strong support for its effectiveness. This ancient healing technique involves accessing and channeling universal healing energy to alleviate physical and emotional suffering. 

What makes remote Reiki healing unique is that it can be practiced from a distance, without the need for the recipient to be in the same location as the practitioner. Long-distance Reiki has been found to be just as powerful as in-person sessions. 

During a remote session, the recipient can be in the comfort of their own environment, creating a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The practitioner utilizes symbols and visualization techniques to channel the healing energy to the recipient. This energy can be sent to their past or future, allowing for a comprehensive healing experience. The potential benefits of remote Reiki healing are numerous. It can induce a deep sense of relaxation, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Emotional release is also commonly experienced during these sessions, allowing individuals to let go of negative emotions and find inner peace.

Remote Reiki can Provide Pain Relief and Better Sleep.

Moreover, remote Reiki healing has been associated with improvements in physical symptoms such as pain relief and better sleep. It is truly a holistic approach to healing, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of well-being. Overall, remote Reiki healing is an exciting and effective practice that offers a range of health benefits. With its ability to transcend space and time, it provides individuals with the opportunity to receive healing energy regardless of their location. Whether it’s relaxation, emotional release, or physical symptom improvement, remote Reiki healing holds immense potential for enhancing one’s overall health and well-being.

For the last 12 years, Reiki therapy and medical Qigong have provided Reiki Dome clients with access to unlimited amount of energy quickly and naturally. Distance is no barrier to receiving a powerful and effective Reiki healing. I will be your guide and channel that brings healing energies to your energy field. Now you can benefit from remote Reiki and receive healing energies at your residence.


Most of my clients who scheduled a remote Reiki Session have reported that distant energy healing is as effective as when done in person. Dozens of clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of distance healing. Holistic medicine shows that a disbalance in the body’s energy field can cause illnesses. By rebalancing and strengthening the body’s energy field we can awaken the body’s natural ability to heal.

Remote healing is a part of an increasingly popular field of energy medicine. Services that Healers and Shamans provided over centuries to communities are now scientifically proven by science to be effective in restoring health. The latest research in Quantum mechanics shows that universe is holographic, and everything in our world is interconnected.

During a distance healing session a Reiki Master taps into higher vibrations of universal energies and works to shift the subtle energy field of a client.

Most of the people can not see or touch air, electricity, and radio waves, but they exist, and play a key role in our life. We are not able to perceive those things. but we know they exist. The same holds true for distance healing. It is possible to access higher vibrations of love that heal.

Please attach a recent photo of yourself to the registration form or email it to Alex at It may be head and torso or full body (do not wear sunglasses). In your e-mail let me know which of the options below you choose.

Option 1 
→ 15 min Healing Sessions (twice a week) for three weeks at the time when a client is sleeping

Option 2 
→ 15 min Healing Sessions on specific days (per client’s request) when a client is sleeping

Option 3
→ 15 min Healing Sessions during a day (per client’s request) when a client is sitting, lying, standing or working.

Options 1 and 2 allows healing energies to effectively heal and energize the body while a person’s body is relaxed and consciousness is practically suspended.

Our remote Reiki Signature Formula sessions (over the phone, Google meets or Zoom) help to clear unresolved emotional and mental stress and remove negative energy to help your body restore natural ability to heal. You will receive the following if you choose a remote the Reiki Signature Formula session with energy diagnostics: 

1. BioScan of your body to find the root cause of your health issues. 2. Scan of major energetic health of organs, chakras, and energy meridians. 

3. Clear root cause of your health issues, balance and strengthen your chakras, and boost your immune system. 

4. You will receive feedback and healing recommendations.

1 – 4 (1 Hr Reiki sessions): short term mild issues such as pain, anxiety, headaches, and depression.

4 – 8 (1 Hr Reiki sessions): long standing issues such as chronic digestive problems, and hormone imbalances.

8 – 12 (1 Hr Reiki sessions): auto-immune disorders, diseases, any medically serious conditions.

Your desire to restore your health is important to get the best results from a remote healing session. Find a quiet place, turn off your extraneous communication devices, and allow yourself to relax. I recommend to eliminate or reduce intake of meat, fish, fowl, and alcohol from your diet for 24 hours prior to the Reiki session.

When a remote healing session is complete, take a few moments before getting up. Slowly open your eyes and notice your surroundings. Listen to your body and relax. I recommend drinking some water or herbal tea.