Come with your pain, fears, failures and questions. Exchange it for HEALING, JOY, PURPOSE, AND SUCCESS in life.

Reiki | In-person

Reiki - Signature Formula (1.5 Hr) is the best healing session that we offer because it incorporates different modalities. This powerful and empowering session will clear unwanted energies and realign your personal vibration.

Once your energy body has been repaired and healed, your physical body then follows the template of your energy body to that same state of health. Unleash your body's natural vitality!
$ 140 1 Hr Reiki Session
  • Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of Reiki Sessions and treatment options.
  • Within a package, we can meet once a week to combat any illness, stress or depression you may be feeling due to your life situation. We will remove obstacles that are holding you back from peace, power, and love. If you’re fully committed to healing then I can’t wait to help you to bring peace to your mind, body, and soul.
  • Reiki Signature Formula Package BONUS: 1. Medical Qigong exercises to strengthen the immune system. 2. Experience connecting with the earth element. 3. Remove negative memories from your energy field. 4. Learn how to preserve and improve your eyesight.
  • 4-Pages Medical Intuitive Report ⇒ $75

    Original Reiki ⇒ $140 / 1 Hr

    Reiki + Medical Intuitive Reading ⇒ $160 / 1 Hr

    Reiki Signature Formula ⇒ $210 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Emotional Healing ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Organs Healing ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Focus & Harmony ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Spinal Cord Recovery ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Medical Qigong ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + ThetaHealing® ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Eyesight Health ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Awaken Kundalini ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Weight Loss ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr
  • Discounted in-person Reiki Silver Package
    4-Pack / $480 ($80 OFF), Reiki Signature Formula Package 4-Pack / $720 ($120 OFF)
  • Give a referral and enjoy a FREE Reiki Session! Click HERE for more details.
  • We can travel to HOMES or HOSPITALS. Please call 425-417-2066 for details.

Reiki | Remote

$ 200 Six 15 min Healing Sessions
  • Distance Healing sessions allow individuals to receive healing energies even if they are unable to visit a healer due to illness or distance. Energy Laws are unique, and Distance Healing is possible because when working with energy limitations of time and distance don't exist.
  • Click HERE to Learn More about Benefits of Distance Healing.
  • Original Reiki | Remote ⇒ $100 / 1 Hr

    Reiki + Medical Intuitive Reading | Remote ⇒ $120 / 1 Hr

    Reiki + Emotional Healing | Remote ⇒ $150 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Awaken Kundalini | Remote ⇒ $150 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki + Focus & Harmony | Remote ⇒ $150 / 1.5 Hr

    Reiki | Remote ⇒ $200 / 1.5 Hr (Six 15 min Sessions)

    Reiki Therapy 4-Pack | Remote ⇒ $370 (4 Hrs)

    Reiki Therapy 8-Pack | Remote ⇒ $700 (8 Hrs)

Medical Intuitive Reading

$ 200 1 Hr Session + 4-Pages Report
  • The comprehensive medical energy diagnostics report helps to detect the root causes of illnesses. Next step is to develop an individualized plan for healing, growth, and preventing future problems.
  • Click HERE to Learn More about Medical Intuitive Reading.
  • 4-Pages Medical Intuitive Report | Remote ⇒ $75

    4-Pages Report + 1 Hr Healing Session | Remote ⇒ $159

    4-Pages Report + 1 Hr Healing Session | In-person ⇒ $210

    4-Pages Report + 4 Hourly Healing Sessions | Remote ⇒ $439

    4-Pages Report + 4 Hourly Healing Sessions | In-person ⇒ $559

Add-on Services

  • MEDICAL QIGONG - Research shows that Medical Qigong helps to reverse or mitigate chronic disease and injury. Let us look at how Qigong therapy can improve your life and bring about a powerful healing. Qigong speeds recovery time from injuries and operations. It improves vascular function, strengthens nerves, organs, and improves cardio-pulmonary function. Improve your health with Medical Qigong and wake up your innate ability to heal. Also, qigong helps to calm the mind and reduce stress level. This system integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention to open blockages in the body. Click HERE to Learn More about Benefits of Medical Qigong.
  • THETAHEALING® - Many people live most of their life with hidden programs that they cannot be healthy. ThetaHealing® changes the underlying beliefs that cause suffering. It allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts. Theta brain wave (4-7 Hz) state helps to trasform energy and beliefs. Click HERE to Learn More about Benefits of ThetaHealing®.
  • IMPROVE EYESIGHT - Preserve and Improve Your Eyesight with Reiki, Qigong, and Bates Method. This alternative therapy is centered on visualization and movement exercises aimed at improving eyesight.
  • WELLNESS COACHING - In the first few sessions I will find the root of your problems, events and emotions effecting your life. Then I will guide you how to access your full potential and make transformational changes. I will be your partner who is committed to develop and implement your goals. Click HERE to Learn More about Benefits of Wellness Coaching.