Reiki Therapy - Original

Reiki is a simple, yet powerful healing technique that directs life force energy to the client’s body. It will clear unwanted energies and realign your personal vibration.

I will strengthen, cleanse, and balance your energy body. Once your energy body has been repaired and healed, your physical body then follows the template of your energy body to the state of health.

Each subsequent Reiki session will increase the life force energy within the body and balance chakras and energy field. Most of my clients tell me that after the first session their stress level goes down significantly, and after a few Reiki sessions they feel lighter, more grounded, focused and enlightened.

I am happy to see that with every session my clients restore their amazing natural ability to heal. Stress response turns off or down after a few healing sessions. The immune system gets stronger, and many health problems disappear. Every achievement of my clients is important.

In my practice I often incorporate Medical Qigong with Reiki therapy for clients with chronic health conditions. Four Reiki sessions offer relief for many common ailments.

For clients with chronic or serious conditions four to eight sessions may be required. I recommend at least three days between Reiki sessions for energies to settle.

Reiki Signature Formula

Reiki Signature Formula is the best healing session that I offer. During the first session, I find the root of a health problem. I can make use of advanced energy reading to check: 

Also, in addition to energy reading and Reiki therapy, during a Reiki Signature Formula session, I have extra 1/2 Hr to incorporate other necessary for healing effective modalities such as:

I have effective methods to heal major organs, strengthen spinal cord, and lose weight

This goes beyond energy work to transform the mindset and recondition the body to tap into profound levels of health and vitality. It is a joyful feeling for me to see how quickly changes manifest for most of my clients.

During the first session, I find the root of a problem, events and emotions affecting client. I perform hands-off BioScan to check major organs health, if aura energy field shifted, check for holes in the energy field, and check for chakra disbalance. 

Then I re-balance the energy field, work on the pranic tube, chakras, and DNA. Some physical manipulation may also be required to release blockages in the organs and along energy meridians. If needed, each subsequent energy healing session is designed to bring a client back into total alignment.

The primary goal of healing sessions is to stimulate the immune system so that your body can heal itself naturally.


I find the root of a problem during the first 15 Min of a Reiki Signature Formula Session. Advanced modalities, such as Medical Qigong (Qi Gong) and ThetaHealing® clear energy and emotional blocks in the body. Also, I help to activate genes that stimulate the immune system for health. 

Medical intuition allows me to discern and interpret patterns of energy in the body. Intuitive reading helps to identify areas of stuck energy and disbalance in energy field. Some people turn to intuitive healers after they have been everywhere and tried everything and yet unable to improve their health.

I use advanced Reiki techniques to transmit Universal Life Energy to a client. Reiki helps to release energy blockages, balances energy field, and removes negative dense heavy energy. 

Some clients come with a chronical health issue that causes pain. For example, constant worrying can change functions within the stomach and manifest ulcers. Worries and fairs change the heart rate. To let go physical body symptoms, it is often necessary to change the thoughts and ideas in subconscious mind responsible for a specific body reaction. When we heal the root cause, the health problem will magically disappear. 

During the first 4 sessions, I work on the first three levels of energy that compose the physical body which are etheric, emotional, and lower mental. Those layers influence the health and quality of the bones, blood, sex organs, bladder, kidneys, intestines, lower back, higher lumbar area, stomach, liver, and pancreas. 

In my holistic practice, I integrate effective techniques to work with emotions and thoughts that condition the physical form. For example, after a few sessions working with a depressed client I notice that their physical appearance changes. If a client had extra pounds then they usually lose weight, and when a person is thin often I notice weight gain. The most important is that the future of my clients automatically changes when emotional traumas and limiting beliefs are released.

In Reiki Signature Formula sessions, you will learn the secrets of effective Qi practices that heal and energize. Also, I integrate effective physical exercises to improve energy flow through energy meridians in the body.

When I meet with a client we talk for a few minutes. I often introduce energy work, effective physical exercises, or an emotional release method to help with client’s specific health concerns.

During the Reiki Session, you will remain fully clothed. I recommend wearing a loose fitting comfortable clothing. It is best to take off shoes during the session. You will recline comfortably on a massage table and relax. I will have Reiki music playing in the background. I send energy out through my hands and into client’s energy field, giving every cell an opportunity to heal, harmonize, and balance. 

Also, Reiki may be performed on a client who is semi-reclined on a massage chair or recliner. Please let me know if you have mobility or pain issues so that I can make you most comfortable for the Reiki session. 

Routine healing treatments keep energy body clean and help to prevent illness in your physical body. This is a reason why some of my clients visit on monthly basis. When used as a preventive measure, healing sessions keeps both the energy body and the physical body healthy and strong. Reiki stimulate and increases the strength of white blood cells, and with every visit your immune system will become stronger. The main goal is to help your body to restore its natural ability to heal.

I recommend to eliminate or reduce intake of meat, fish, fowl, and alcohol from your diet for three days prior to the Reiki session. In the morning eat a light healthy breakfast. Drink plenty of water. Avoid outside stimulation such as TV, radio, and newspapers. Find periods of solitude to spend time in nature or meditate.

During the Reiki treatment at Reiki Dome you might feel slight tingling sensations, heat, energy, or nothing at all. What you will feel depends on how your body senses energy. Most of my clients feel deep relaxation, peace, and calm in their mind. Some of my clients fall into a very deep altered state of mind during a Reiki session.

Reiki treatments are safe for children. The calming practice of Reiki can benefit children by promoting relaxation and confidence. Reiki sessions help children to deal with anxieties, fears, peer pressures, and discomfort caused by academic learning experience. 

Yes, Reiki healing can energetically nourish and rejuvenate moms during, pre and post childbirth.

Yes, we offer discounted in-person and remote Reiki packages. Click HERE for more information. 

Cancer, no doubt is a huge struggle. Conventional medicine can be painful and going through the elaborate treatment processes can be stressful. However the calming presence of a Reiki practitioner can make this journey a lot less stressful by balancing out your ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ – the vital energy that flows through the body.

Studies conducted by medical researchers in Canada show that a large percentage of cancer patients who have opted for Reiki as an alternate therapy have reported that Reiki has indeed helped in mitigating the side effects of chemotherapy which include stress, pain, depression, demotivation, and a general sense of helplessness.

As a therapy, Reiki is completely safe as it does not involve the use of any chemicals or potions. Thus there is no fear of aggravating the side effects of chemotherapy. Hence medical practitioners do not object to the use of Reiki as a complementary healing therapy. 

Yes. In a remote Reiki session, I release energy blockages and increase the energy level in your body. You can get on higher vibrations! Most of our illnesses can be cured. I use Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies to manifest healing on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Healing can happen instantaneously because of the desire of a recipient to heal. For more information about our remote healing sessions click HERE.

Reiki does not have any side effects. Before a Reiki session, it is likely that energy has been quite static in your body. Energy healing causes the energy to surge and shift in different areas of the body, which may feel foreign to you though it is completely normal and a part of the healing process.

In a Reiki session, I activate the cleansing process that re-balances energy in the body and helps to release toxins. Each person is different, and healing happens in a way that is right for that individual.

During 14 years of practicing energy work, less than 2% of my clients experienced body reaction such as crying, diarrhea, or tiredness as a result of changes in the quality and quantity of energy in their energy field after a Reiki session. Learn more about possible reactions after a healing session HERE. Ultimately, balancing energy field brings amazing benefits!


"Reiki Dome is excellent place for rejuvenating and understanding yourself and where you need to go in life. Alex, instructor, did great job teaching and guiding me to find my internal balance. I definitely recommend this place if you want to understand more about yourself and where you need to go."
Andre Reiki Healing Client
Andre V.
Security Engagement Specialist
"Alex is patient, knowledgeable and heart-centered. When I came to his session with my son he taught us a complex to restore digestive system and kidneys. He integrates Qigong, Reiki, and emotional release techniques. During the whole session I felt lifted up and energized. Also, he showed us how to do easy Qigong massage to boost immune system. My son’s health improved. This is more than I expected from a Reiki session."
Efraim Reiki Student
Efraim A.
"I want to thank Alex for my first Reiki / chakra energy session. It was amazing to feel energy within my body to rise up to my head. Alex explained that it was awakening of kundalini energy that promotes vitality and energy flow in my body, and help in spiritual development. This was wonderful experience!"
Cathy Reiki Healing Client
Cathy R.
Financial Advisor

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