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ThetaHealing is an extraordinary practice that offers a multitude of benefits for individuals seeking personal growth and healing. One of the remarkable advantages of ThetaHealing is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. By accessing the Theta state, a brainwave state associated with deep relaxation and meditation, ThetaHealing promotes a sense of calmness and tranquility. This state can be easily achieved by working with a ThetaHealer or by listening to Theta wave music. The deep relaxation and stress relief provided by ThetaHealing are truly transformative, allowing individuals to experience a profound sense of peace and well-being. 

In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, ThetaHealing also improves mental clarity and creativity. By slowing down brainwave activity and promoting calmness, ThetaHealing allows individuals to tap into their subconscious mind, where new ideas and insights can flourish. This increased mental clarity and creativity can have a significant impact on various aspects of life, from problem-solving and decision-making to artistic endeavors and personal growth. It opens up new possibilities and allows individuals to approach challenges with a fresh perspective. 

Another incredible benefit of ThetaHealing is its ability to decrease pain. By accessing the Theta state, ThetaHealing promotes deep relaxation, which can help alleviate physical discomfort and pain. This holistic approach to pain management offers individuals an alternative to traditional methods that may involve medication or invasive procedures. ThetaHealing provides a natural and effective way to find relief from pain, allowing individuals to experience greater comfort and well-being. Furthermore, ThetaHealing has been shown to increase bliss. By accessing the Theta state and releasing negative thought patterns, ThetaHealing helps individuals connect with their true essence and experience a profound sense of joy and happiness. 

This elevated state of being can have a transformative effect on one’s overall well-being and quality of life. It allows individuals to live in alignment with their authentic selves, leading to a greater sense of fulfillment and contentment. Overall, ThetaHealing offers a wide range of benefits that can enhance every aspect of life. From reducing stress and anxiety to improving mental clarity and creativity, decreasing pain, and increasing bliss, ThetaHealing provides individuals with a powerful tool for personal growth and healing. Whether it is working with a ThetaHealing practitioner or the use of Theta wave music, accessing the Theta state can help individuals explore deep-rooted issues, release negative patterns, and achieve profound healing. ThetaHealing is truly a transformative practice that empowers individuals to live their best lives.

We all have limiting beliefs that remain out of range of our conscious awareness! ThetaHealing® is a powerful healing technique that can reprogram the unconscious mind and your DNA. It helps to identify and unblock negative beliefs that are usually hidden from conscious awareness, and substitute them with positive beliefs that ensure better health! 

The ThetaHealing® utilizes “Theta” and “Delta” brainwaves (4-7 Hz) incorporating physics and quantum physics to connect and use the power of Creator Of All That Is in achieving a spontaneous resolution to health problems. It is a powerful yet simple technique that incorporates meditation, prayer, and quantum mechanics. The ThetaHealing® technique can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. This is a fast and easy way to make permanent, lasting, and effective changes to your physical and emotional health.

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You need to know what you want to change about your life. Would you like to improve your health? Find a compatible partner? 

During the session we are going to find and shift the subconscious programs that are causing the problem, and blocking you from achieving your goals. 

The number of sessions needed will vary from person to person. Some people experience shift after one session, however, sometimes issues are complex and need deeper work done over a few sessions.

We offer ThetaHealing® sessions over the phone or Skype. Distance is not a factor when we do healing work. It depends on what you prefer.

The Creator is the spirit that intertwines and binds all things in existence.

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