intuitive Reading of your Energy Field

During Intuitive Reading we tap into Source energy and your energy field to receive messages. Intuitive Reading is a part of the Reiki Signature Formula session. 

Alex is an expert in uncovering the root causes of complex illnesses that are blocking the body’s natural ability to heal. Once these root causes are found, Alex combines the best healing methods to bring the client’s body back into balance. The result is more energy, less pain, better focus, and the ability to live a healthier, more enjoyable life.

Also, you can request Intuitive Reading service that includes 1 Hr Healing Session in-person or online + 4-PAGES Intuitive Reading report that describes energetic health of major organs, state of chakras, emotional field, and tears and holes in auric field.

The comprehensive energy diagnostics report by Alex Akselrod, intuitive healer, helps to detect the root cause of illnesses. After you receive this report, we schedule a private session to develop individualized plan for healing, growth, and preventing future problems.

Only information Alex needs for an Intuitive Reading is your name and a photo attached to the registration form HERE. Alex writes 4-PAGES REPORT with detailed information about your physical and emotional health.

1st Page of Intuitive Reading Report: Vital Organs BioScan

I will check the energy health of major organs such as liver, stomach, heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys. You will know which organs are energetically under stress and out of coherence.

2nd Page of Intuitive Reading Report: Energy Field Alignment Scan

Alex determines if your emotional and mental energy fields are centered. In case of emotional or mental disbalance those fields can shift forward, back, right, or left.

3rd Page of Intuitive Reading Report: Holes in Energy Field

Alex will check if your energy field is damaged around the head, neck, chest, solar plexus, abdomen, reproductive system, and legs. The outer layers of the field can be repaired and strengthened.

4th Page of Intuitive Reading Report: Chakras Health

Alex will check for chakras imbalance. Individuals who experience too much stress mentally or physically may cause one of the chakras to be out of balance or blocked. If one of the energy centers is blocked then the flow of energy in human meridians, known as “Qi“, might be affected resulting in poor health. Then other chakras begin to compensate for it and either become overactive or underactive. Anything that disrupts the flow of Qi cause illness.

Intuitive Healing Report Preview

Intuitive Reading of Family and Relationships

An Intuitive Reading of family and relationships can be a segment of a Reiki Signature Formula session. This reading is designed to address unresolved issues within families and relationships.

Clients can gain insights into the underlying causes of various challenges such as failure, illness, disorientation, addictions, or aggression. Science have shown that people’s suffering is often passed down unconsciously through generations of their bloodline. Most of my clients report feelings a sense of relief, release, and clarity after understanding their family and relationships pattern and dynamics.

An Intuitive Reading of relationships can reflect people’s consciousness, thoughts, and emotions in the moment, as well as thought structures, patterns, hopes and aspirations. It helps to uncover hidden dynamics, address stressors, untangle from the unresolved issues passed down through generations, and initiate the healing journey. 

By disentangling from the burdens of the past, individuals can free themselves and future generations from the patterns that limit love’s expression. Therefore, love can once again flow freely within families and relationships fostering harmony, connection, and renewed sense of emotional freedom.

Free 15-minute Intuitive Discovery Session

Find relief and healing from chronic illness

Suffering from a chronic or mystery illness can be overwhelming and exhausting. Let Alex’s guidance and expertise help you find the relief and healing you’ve been searching for. Say goodbye to constant pain and discomfort, and start living the life you deserve. Start your journey towards wellness today.

Transform your life and find peace

Are you struggling with negativity, stress, or anxiety? Let Alex guide you through major life changes and health challenges. Transform your life and find inner peace with a dedicated wellness coach and healer by your side.

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