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Reiki Dome was established by Alex Akselrod and offers private sessions and Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3 (Reiki Master), and Reiki Teacher training. Alex guides people through stress, major life changes, and health challenges using a path of empowerment that combines Reiki, Qigong therapy, physical and breathing exercises.

Public interest in Reiki treatment and practice is rising.

It is best to learn and practice Reiki in a small group class with experienced Reiki Teacher. Interacting with other students and a teacher significantly improve the learning experience. It is important for your Reiki class location to be easily accessible. Search on Google for a Reiki Master Teacher by typing “Reiki near me”. Your first degree Reiki training is a one-time investment that will give you value for life. It should give you everything that you need to practice daily hands-on and hands-off healing practice. Also, you can heal other people in your community. Reiki is beneficial for stress reduction, relaxation, and it promotes healing.

What separates Reiki Dome from the rest is our dedication to helping people to improve health. Our therapy is known to reduce stress, pain, and provide deep relaxation. Reiki was used in more than 75 hospitals and medical clinic programs as a standard part of a care. The therapists channel energy into a patient hands-on or hand-off to activate the natural healing process in client’s body and to restore emotional and physical well-being. Reiki helps cancer clients, and it aids in dementia management. It can treat regional pain syndrome type 1 in children. Reiki is known to relieve depression and anxiety.

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Alex Akselrod is a Reiki Master Teacher. He earned Reiki Master Designation in 2011 and enjoys using Reiki for wellness, energy, and balance in his practice.

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