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What are dark force entities, and do they really exist?  

Working with clients as a healer for over 15 years, I had plenty of cases when external dark forces had negative impact on the life journey of individuals. Also, only in a few cases what clients called spiritual entities was self-created.

There are so many mysteries that are beyond our understanding. While some of them are minor and don’t have a huge impact on us, others can shed a huge dark cloud over our lives.

Most individuals were introduced to ghosts, demons, and malevolent spirits through the movie industry. Scary movies about exorcisms and evil spirits tap into a deeper truth that we feel in our collective unconscious. Dark energy is real, though it is rarely spoken about. For example, possession may hold the answer to why some people seem to have a cloud of darkness over their entire lives, and just cannot feel good no matter what therapy they try.

Possession is a severe form of psychic attack, wherein the victim’s entire being – mind, body, and soul, can be severely impacted by a dark negative energy. The possessing spirit can control the victim creating deeply frustrating and painful emotional dissonance within.

We intuitively know that it is important not to open inter-dimensional doors to entities that might not easily close. Unfortunately, many individuals who take drugs and alcohol have the potential to unknowingly open those doors. The majority of people on planet earth are unaware of the presence of nonphysical energies and beings that can interfere with their energy. Stress and trauma that most individuals experience during their lifetime can make their energy field weak. It can reduce resistance to external negative energies especially in childhood years.

Some common situations that can open the door to entities and interference are:

Trauma: physical, emotional, and mental
– Excess alcohol, drugs, dark rituals
Surgery with general anesthesia
– Depression, anxiety, stress
– Experiencing violence, intimidation, fear
– Non-discerning channeling
– Near death or out-of-body experience
– Inherited ancestral patterns

Crossing multiple planes of reality these influences can limit, distort, or disrupt life experience. This is regardless of whether the person is aware of that interference or believes in its existence. An entity usually originates from some other realm or planet and has an agenda, recognizes its negative impact on other beings. Removing these dark forces and interferences is the missing key to spiritual development, personal growth, and progress in the healing process.

Dark force interferences in human energy bodies hold individuals powerless to get past their issues and limit the necessary personal power and alignment to heal. This energy can pull individuals back into old patterns, play on their vulnerabilities, disrupt spiritual connections, and distort human energy field. It often holds individuals in a state of confusion and fear.

Dark force entities do not acknowledge the rights of free will and may even be deceptive to gain entrapment of free will choice. These aspects or entities, and other interference, will resist any attempt to remove them.

While working with clients as an energy healer, I often witnessed how energy blockages in the body shift when I moved to release an entity. The level of consciousness or intelligence of those entities determines what methods I choose to deal with it.

If you feel you may be suffering from some form of interference, then speak to a healer near you who has experience working with dark force interference.

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