Energy Reading and Reiki Healing

Reiki healing and Qigong practice do not have side-effects. Even though both Reiki & Qigong have very powerful healing effects, I expect most healing to take place without reactions. Even though reactions are a positive thing as they signify good changes, when they do occur it is important to understand what they are and know how to deal with them skillfully.

Reactions occur when sick energy within the body begins to transform as part of the healing process, and impurities that have built up often over a long time are discharged. While health can improve without one necessarily experiencing any reactions, most people do have some reactions at some point on their path to better health.

Reactions frequently take the form of worsening ongoing symptoms or health problems or a recurrence of a previous illness or problem. Other reactions that a few clients experienced are fever or flu-like symptoms, sweating, a cold or cough, a discharge from any part of the body, rashes, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea. In fact, reactions can take almost any form, but they differ from an actual illness in that they are a sign of dormant unhealthy energy being expelled from the body, whereas illness occurs as sick energy penetrates the body or manifests within it.

In addition to physical reactions, emotional and mental reactions are also common. Please note that emotional and mental reactions can also manifest as the sudden recurrence of a previous condition from the past such as anger, depression, etc.

Two things are very important when dealing with reactions, whether physical, emotional, or mental: one should try to stay calm, relaxed, and positive and to recognize them as temporary phenomena.

Some reactions occur when a former illness or trauma has not been completely eradicated, even though the problem seemed to have disappeared. The sick energy that remained hidden in the body is brought to the surface as it is dispelled, bringing back old symptoms. These could be illnesses from any time in one’s life, from babyhood onward or even problems one is born with.

Reactions also occur among healthy individuals as their vibrational level increases since impurities are discharged as higher energy level and health are attained.

Because reactions are a manifestation of unhealthy or impure energy being dispelled, once they have passed, individuals find themselves at a higher level of health and wellbeing.