Integrative wellness and life coaching offer a comprehensive approach to personal development and well-being. By combining traditional life coaching techniques with various healing modalities, our services provide a holistic approach to helping individuals achieve their goals and live their best lives.

One of the key benefits of working with an integrative wellness and life coach is the ability to make significant shifts in various areas of life. Through a specific plan tailored to each individual’s needs, we assist our clients in identifying and overcoming obstacles, setting goals, and creating a pathway for success. The integration of different modalities allows for a more personalized approach, addressing not only external factors but also internal ones such as emotional well-being and relationships. This holistic perspective enables our clients to experience profound transformations and achieve long-lasting results.

Integrative wellness and life coaching offer numerous benefits for our clients. By taking a holistic approach to personal development and well-being, we provide a comprehensive toolkit for facilitating lasting change. Embracing an integrative approach can lead to transformative experiences and a more fulfilling life.

Is there something you want, but are not sure how to get it? Do you feel frustrated because you do not understand why things are not happening for you?

My goal is to help you get what you want in the most efficient and joyous way possible. Experience the power of your mind, body, and spirit to transform, heal, and awaken your authentic potential. Rewire your brain for happiness. You will learn practical tools to transform stress, create loving relationships, and enjoy every moment of your life.

Would you like to quiet your mind and experience inner-peace?

Discover new perspectives and develop action steps to improve the quality of your life. There are times when one hour is just the right amount of time to gain perspective on an issue that is causing a challenge in your life.

Integrative wellness & life coaching can be done by phone, which affords you convenience of calling from home, office, or any location in the world.

I am a Holistic/Spiritual Coach. In the first session, I will find the root of your problems, events, and emotions affecting your life. Then I will guide you on how to access your full potential and make transformational changes. Drastically improve the decisions you make and the life you create! I will be your partner who is committed to develop and implement your goals.

Alex’s Credentials and Life Story is HERE. Call 425-417-2066 for more information about integrative wellness & life coaching sessions. Learn more about other services at Reiki Dome HERE.

I promise you will enjoy Life Coaching sessions. If you are not satisfied – just let me know within 7 days from the date of the consultation, and I will gladly refund the money you spend on the first session. I am sure in the quality of my service, so I can provide a guarantee.

I have unique methods to help you achieve your goals. Usually, during the first session, I find the root of the problem. I like to see my clients get quick results, and come back with new goals.

I work with smart, busy professionals who want to feel their best, reduce their stress, and manifest the life they desire. They want to experience improvement in health and other areas of their life, but not quite sure how to get there on their own. Their goal is to create the life they have always envisioned for themselves. 

For the last 10 years, I was specializing in alternative medicine. I helped hundreds of clients to restore health and improve relationships. Most of the people who attend three or more of my private sessions experience improvement in health and other areas of their life.


Then I integrated everything that I learned in alternative medicine in my wellness and life coaching practice, to help people improve all areas of their life. Now you can benefit from my experience and knowledge. I will be delighted to guide you on your journey and support you in awakening your own inner resources for self-healing and personal growth.

"Excellent place for rejuvenating and understanding yourself and where you need to go in life.
Alex, instructor, did great job teaching and guiding me to find my internal balance. I definitely recommend this place if you want to understand more about yourself and where you need to go."
Andre Reiki Healing Client
Andre Vaiman

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