Health Benefits of Qigong

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Health Benefits of Qigong 

Qigong is a healing method that includes breathing exercises, movement, and self-massage. Its roots can be found in Chinese medicine and philosophy. There are several qigong styles, some emphasizing health and others focused on spirituality or martial arts training. Here, we’ll talk about medical Qigong and what it entails, its possible health advantages, types, and what healers do.

What exactly is Qigong?

Qigong is beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit. Its origins can be traced back to Chinese philosophy and medicine. It is based on the concept of qi flowing through the body. Health problems begin if qi becomes obstructed, stagnate, or flows too rapidly. The goal of qigong is to reestablish this balance inside the body.

Qigong has four components:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Body postures
  • Guided imagery
  • Meditation

Qigong has several forms and styles, some of which are no longer based on Chinese philosophy. There are two broad approaches to the traditional practice of qigong.

The Wai Dan

This method focuses on body postures and is essentially a physical activity. Practitioners also refer to it as an external elixir.

The Nei Dan

This method is more inward-focused, relying on meditation and visualization while seated. Practitioners also call it an internal elixir. Qigong styles can also be classified based on their primary purpose. It might be:

  • Medical Qigong to treat oneself and others
  • Martial Qigong for physical prowess
  • Spiritual Qigong for enlightenment

What are the Responsibilities of Qigong Healers?

Practitioners of Qigong can control and emit Qi to heal others. Depending on the healer, it can be done in different ways.

  • Qigong Massage

The healer places their hands on the receiver through massage, acupressure, or touch.

  • Tool Manipulation

It is the manipulation of various body parts using a pointed item, acupuncture needle, precious metals, or stones.

  • Emission of Qi

In order to remove bad influences and supplement deficits, the healer places hands several inches above the body and emits Qi.

  • Healing from distance

The healer focuses on a person miles away and emits energy to repair imbalances. Qigong healers must maintain their health to emit Qi to help others heal. As a result, they practice self-healing Qigong regularly to maintain their health.

How Qigong help to improve your health?

All living beings produce bioelectric fields. A professional healer can detect these fields and their imbalances. Qigong’s purpose is to repair the imbalances built up over a person’s lifetime. Deep-seated emotions, trauma, injury, poor diet, lack of exercise, and other factors can cause imbalances. The Qi that flows through our entire body must be in good working order. If there is any barrier, Qi gets stagnant, preventing nourishment of other regions of the body.

When Qi flows too quickly, it promotes internal organ deterioration or weariness. Qigong helps balance these energies by filling in the gaps and removing the excess. Acupuncture points, meridians, and organ systems are activated when you practice Qigong and get Qigong therapy. Qigong is expected to ease emotional tension in the same way other physical exercises do. Qigong is known as an ancient Chinese martial art that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. Its goal is to ensure that a person’s life energy is free to flow throughout their body. Medical Qigong may assist you in staying fit and active, easing chronic symptoms, and reducing stress. If you experience any troublesome or persistent symptoms, you should always consult a doctor.

According to a bibliometric study, there were 886 clinical studies on Qigong, with the most researched Qigong exercise being Ba duanjin, which appeared in 55.5% of the studies [2]. These studies explored various diseases and conditions, including diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, stroke, and cervical spondylosis [2]. The most frequently reported outcomes in these studies were physical function, quality of life, symptoms, pain, and mental health indicators [2]. Beneficial results from practicing Qigong were reported in 97% of the studies [2]. However, further high-quality trials are encouraged to verify the effects of Qigong in health and disease management [2].

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