How Effective is the Bates Method?

Bates Method in Bellevue, WA

The Bates method is an alternative therapy. It’s aimed at curing and correcting defective eyesight and eye diseases through a series of specific exercises. William Horatio Bates, MD (1860-1931) created this method of treatment after years of study and research.

Bates observed that refractive errors such as myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism were caused by habitual strain on eye muscles and other poor habits of processing visual information.

The Bates method incorporated techniques designed to restore perfect eyesight without any need for eye-wear, surgery, drugs, or any other orthodox medical practices. Bates believed that the mainstream methods of treating eye defects were, in fact, harmful.

The techniques coined by Bates included palming, sunning, visualization, movement, blinking, flash technique, analytic seeing, swinging, central fixation, among others.

How the Bates method works

The central point of contention between Bates and the mainstream optometrists was the concept of accommodation. Accommodation is the process whereby the eye sustains focus on an object as the distance of view changes. Bates noted that there are six muscles surrounding the eyeball that are responsible for accommodation. These muscles temporarily alter the shape of the eyeball to maintain the focus on an object.

Bates also detected that habitual strain on the six muscles, outside of the eyeball, was the primary cause for most of the eye defects and diseases. This habitual strain may owe its origin from physical stress, mental stress or incorrect visual habits. When these muscles strain, the eyeball squeezes and contorts thus making the vision blurry. The blurriness is induced since strained, and tight muscles alter where the field of vision lands on the retina.

Bates method grounds on first determining what’s causing the stress, and simply letting it go. Relax. The techniques integrated into the Bates method aimed at visualization and relaxation hence relieving the stress and the strain on the eye muscles. When the eye muscles are relaxed the eyeball will naturally attain its correct field of vision.

The power of your mind.

Underpinning the Bates method is the power of the mind and the body’s self-regenerative ability. The techniques engage the mind and alter one’s mindset through mental images. Through the use of imagination and relaxation techniques, one is able to tap the body’s natural healing abilities; therefore naturally restoring full vision.

Another core ingredient of the Bates method is faith or belief. The techniques work most effectively when one has absolute faith in the power of self healing and regeneration. Faith shifts the mindset and goes a long way in helping one to relax.

Get rid of the glasses!

Bates noticed that the use of corrective glasses did more harm than good to eyesight. Corrective glasses train the eyes to strain to correct the field of vision. Over time one tends to need stronger and thicker glasses as the strain on the eye muscles grows stronger and stronger.

The Bates method isn’t merely physical exercises or eye exercises. It’s more of a collection of mental exercises similar to meditation. It requires patience, persistence and faith in the body’s self-regenerative ability. However, the underlying principle is relaxation.

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