Protect Eyes from Digital Devices and Blue Light

The advent of technology has significantly increased the amount of time we spend in front of screens. What does this mean for eye health?

Constant technology use often leads to ocular discomfort, minor eye ailments and eventually long term sight defects. Most digital devices we use today emit blue light that negatively impacts eyesight and consequently one’s overall health.

Harmful Effects of Technology on Eyes

Tension Headaches
Dark print on dazzling white background leads to eye muscle strain causing muscle spasms around the temple. These contractions develop into stress headaches.

This adverse effect of bright screens on the eyes triggered Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook to utilize black text on a gray background so as to lessen eye muscle strain.

Dry Eye
Blinking clears the eyes and creates a sharp, glossy, comfortable feel. Viewing things at a distance naturally cause us to blink more regularly. However, closer things have the opposite effect. They slow the blink rate. A slow blink rate results in relatively quicker evaporation of tears thus the eyes become dry.

Dryness of the eyes subsequently causes burning, itching and blurry vision.

Blue Light
Blue light is a type of light that emits blue color. Blue light has the highest energy wavelength of visible light. This is harmful as it means blue light penetrates to the back of the eye right through the natural eye filters. Exposure to blue light daily makes it even worse as it accumulates and could result in eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

How Reiki, Qigong, and Bates Methods Improve Eyesight

Reiki is considered a holistic treatment of eye problems as it focuses on all four energy levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki notices that illness occurs on one of the four levels; however, a patient is treated as a whole hence bringing all levels into harmony.

Pure Reiki Technique to Improve Eyesight
A Reiki specialist performs this technique. They’ll place the palm of their hands on both sides of the nose covering the eyes, thumbs resting on the bridge of the nose with fingertips on cheeks. Energy will flow from the therapist to you and improve the eyesight. Use of Reiki symbols may also help clear, spiritual, emotional and mental energy blockages.

Reiki balances and increases the flow of one’s energy, causing natural healing. At the end of a Reiki therapy session, the patient typically experiences more clarity, amplified awareness, and improved vision.

Everything in the universe comprises energy. The only difference is in the amount of it. Qigong, just like Reiki, centers on increasing and balancing one’s universal life force to permit natural/self-healing.

Simple Qigong Technique to Improve Eyesight
Blink. Blink again. Blink some more. Blinking cools you down and eases the energy around the retina and eye muscles. It also washes the eyes of unwanted particles, thus a clearer vision.

Bates Method
The exceptionally skilled ophthalmologist, Dr. William H. Bates, conceived the Bates method of improving eyesight. How does it work? The eye has six muscles that move it around. Dr. Bates observed that strain of any kind (emotional, physical, or mental) subsequently resulted in the tension of these muscles and vision started to go.

Dr. Bates developed simple techniques and mental exercises to find out the cause of stress, therefore allowing the patient to let it go, relax and receive their vision back.

Simple Bates Technique to Improve Eyesight
This technique is known as Palming.
– Look around and mentally record the level of clarity of your vision.
– Place the center of your palms over your eyes and relax your whole body for at least two minutes. Remove the hands and open your eyes.
– Compare the clarity of vision to previously. Usually, the view will be clearer.
– Repeat the exercise a few more times daily.

Technology has brought the human race innumerable rewards; however, too much of it can be detrimental to our eyesight and overall health. Use it in moderation and remember always to let go of the stress.

To learn more about blue light and how to protect eyes, please email or call Reiki Dome at 425.417.2066.


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