The Secret Behind the Chakras, Bellevue WA

No matter your race, religion, or spirituality everyone can agree that our bodies are full of energy and vibrations. These vibrations originate in our body’s chakras and move outwards to the rest of our body and into the world around us. The vibrations we send out affect everything in our lives. If you have ever heard someone say the universe seems to be conspiring against them or that everything always works out in their favor it’s likely due to the balance or imbalance of their chakras and the energy they are sending out into the world.

Each person has seven chakras that start at the base of their spine and end at the top of their head. These chakras are basically small wheels in the body that turn as the universal energy flows through them. The speed at which the energy moves through each chakra has to do with your health, age, and mental state, but even at your healthiest each chakra will rotate and vibrate at different speeds.The root chakra vibrates the slowest and your crown chakra the fastest, with the others falling in between.

Many healers and psychics will use gemstones to help balance your chakras. The reason behind this method is that each of your chakras is represented by a color of the rainbow. With your root chakra being red and your crown chakra violet. By using gemstones healers are able to align and activate you chakras with ease. While gemstones can be helpful some healers choose to use other methods along with their intuition. There is no right or wrong way to align the chakras, the important thing is that they are balanced.

Each chakra is responsible for different aspects of your psyche as well as your physical health and well being. Blockages can be caused by a variety of things, but the most common is emotional injury. As children everyone’s chakras are balanced and whole. This is why children are happy and carefree. Yet, as you age you are exposed to different stimuli and pressured into conforming to societies ideal version of yourself. The more you try to conform and the more things you see, the greater the effect it will have on you, and the more risk you have of closing off chakras and becoming imbalanced.

When your chakras are blocked or out of alignment you can suffer from diseases, head aches, depression, fatigue and more. This is due to the flow of energy either being slowed if your chakras are blocked, or overwhelmed if they are accepting too much energy. Finding a metaphysical healer in your area can be a great way to get started on the journey of balancing your chakras.

Reiki healing is one of the most common forms of healing today. During a Reiki session your healer will guide the universal energy into your body through their hands. The energy will go where it is needed most and as your chakras become aligned you could feel strong emotions and remember things you have forgotten. Being open to releasing your repressed memories is very important as this is part of the chakra alignment process. Everyone responds to healing differently, but there is no question you will feel much better once you are balanced.

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