Kototama: A Spiritual Method That Can Improve Your Health

The Kototama Principle can make you well in an unwell world. Kototama is the Japanese work for “Sound Spirit” and according to some Japanese scholars; sounds of the Japanese Syllabi can actuality cure disease. This may sound far-fetched to Western minds but it is an accepted fact in Asia.

The Martial Art of Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba to actualize his interpretation of Kototama and he and many of the practitioners of the art lived to ripe old ages. Today we are going to look at Kototama and see if you can apply it in your life and bring about a change in your current health and well-being.


First, you need to discover the order of sounds

One man in the US devoted a lifetime to the study of Kototama and his name was Masahilo Nakazono a disciple of both Ueshiba and the founder of the Macrobiotics movement George Ohsawa.

Originally, one of the foremost Aikido practitioners in France he gave up the art after the founder’s death and made his way to New Mexico where he began etching Acupuncture, diet, and Kototama. He wrote extensively on the subject and based on the teachings of his mentor, divided the 75 sound into 3 different grouping that if you grasped their inner meaning you would achieve an elevation in your Physical, Mental, and ultimately your Spiritual Development as well.

Many of his students went out into the world and if you search the net that many of today’s healers pay homage to their teacher who gave so much of himself to America’s health and well-being. Nakazono is credited with helping make Acupuncture legal in this country and for that, alone he should be remembered as a great healer and teacher as well.

Start applying the Kototama Principle in Your life

An easily obtained book entitled “Inochi” is the fastest way to start out on your journey into health. Written by Sensei Nakazono it contains the secrets of the Kototama Principle laid out in a concise and logical manner. Inside you will find three tables of the sounds of the Universe derived from Nakazono’s translation work on the Takeuchi Documents as well as his studies with O’Sensei Ueshiba’s interpretation of his spiritual mentor Deguchi Onisaburō’s spiritual work the “Reikai Monogatari (Tales from the Spirit World).”

From this knowledge, he was able to synthesize a radical approach to health and well-being. You start out chanting a specific order of sounds and as you become attuned to them your life energy is awakened and flows throughout your body. Watch this video that takes material from Inochi to help you get started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGd4TpWJIkc

The Kototama Principle is a spiritual path as well as a healing modality. The basic tenets are based on becoming in harmony with the natural forces of the Universe. When this is done energy flow is facilitated and consequently you health will improve markedly. By repeating the sounds in the proper sequences you resonate with the various chakras and energy centers within your body stimulating them to take action and this is believed by many is the real secret behind practicing these sounds.

Nikola Tesla said the secret of the Universe was in resonate frequencies that allow for the transfer of energy. Since we have ignored this, we have not improved much in spirituality, health wise, and in the basic technology that is currently running the world. So perhaps there is something to his words after all.

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