The Guiding Principles of Qigong

Qigong in Bellevue WA

Qigong which is pronounced as chi gong is an ancient Chinese healing practice that involves meditation, breathing techniques, and gentle movements. The Qi in qigong refers to the vital force of life, while gong means mastery. Together it roughly translates to “the master of one’s energy”. Qigong’s practice cultivates the energy and strength of nature in the body to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health.

The two types of qigong practice include active qigong and passive qigong. The former uses controlled, slow movements, while the latter involves stillness and calm breathing. Qigong is a very effective healing form that can be practiced internally by yourself or externally with a qigong therapist at qigong classes.

The qigong systems have been procured from various lineages and are focused on different fields. These systems are used to harness willpower to focus on the movements. It enables the practitioners to channel energy through their palms from the natural elements.

Let’s discuss the various guiding principles of qigong healing practice:

The Eyes

The eyes are considered to be the path to the souls. According to Taoist theory, they are the guides of the shen, The Spirit. In essence, it is said that the qi, which is energy, follows the shen, which is spirit. The qi is then followed by body fluids in turn, including blood.

Thus, the eyes are believed to be the command center to control the spirit and guide the energy movement in the body. The same system is followed to direct the energies out of the system and to improve healing by exerting the influence on the environment around us.

The Body Movements

The movements in qigong follow the meridians that run through the body and often trace the outer edges of the body’s energy fields. Thus, soothing the energy flow in the light human body. The movement training can be rigorous and involves varying degrees of exertion. It depends on the system or environment you are training in.

The Mental Focus

It is the most overlooked principle by the students of qigong but is equally significant as any other guiding principle. Mental focus and attention are necessary components of any energy work. As the ancient saying goes, linking intention and attention creates mastery in life. For that, the students are taught to focus on the action at hand, while tracking them with their eyes. It requires you to stay engaged in body movements. To earn the immense rewards of qigong practice it should be done with complete mental focus and presence.

The Breath

The breath is the energy from the air, which is mixed with the qi to create functional energy for the body. It is the breath that circulates through the various meridians.

The coordination of breath, mental focus, and movements, when combined, works to open the blockages of the energy channels in the body. Breath is not only a necessary component to get rid of blockages but is also a significant source to gather energy in the specific reservoirs in the body. You should start qigong classes today to take advantage of its amazing benefits.


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