What is Reiki? Is it different from other healing forms?


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that is known to impart powerful physical, psychological, and spiritual healing effects. The word consists of two terms “Rei” and “Ki”. In Japanese, the term ‘Rei’ means higher intelligence that flows through all entities, living and non-living, and steers the inherent functioning of the entire universe. The term “Ki” signifies the abstract (non-physical) energy that permeates through all life forms. Hence, Ki is also called “life force energy”. In other lineages, Ki is also called Qi or Chi. The combination of these two terms defines Reiki which means spiritually guided life-force energy.

When you join a Reiki training program, you will learn to heal yourself and others by channeling the life force energy via your hands. The spiritual guidance enables the energy to flow through and heal the affected parts of the subject’s energy field and charges them with positive energy. Reiki healing enables the subject to become aware of its body and surroundings where negative energy gets accumulated.

Negative energy is gathered when a subject suffers from stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, or physical pain. However, when Reiki is performed, this negative energy loosens its grip and the energy pathways get cleared.

For most people, Reiki Healing has always been a mysterious way of healing because its working cannot be seen through naked eyes. However, what makes it reliable is the immense effectiveness of after results.

If you are also fascinated by the inexplicable power of Reiki healing or simply curious about what Reiki Healing can do and what it is all about, then it makes sense to attend an introductory session of Reiki Healing.

What makes Reiki Healing Different from Other Forms of Healing?

There are usually three (sometimes four) levels of Reiki training. Though certain aspects of each level are standardized, each Reiki teacher imparts the learning differently. Each level is focused on attunement, education, and practice.

Attunement refers to the act of bringing something into harmony. It helps an individual create a deeper connection to the spiritual source and open the flow of life energy incessantly.

Attunement is the element that makes Reiki healing distinct from other forms of healing touch and energy work.

Many even refer to attunement as a ceremony of empowerment, which is also called Reiju in Japanese. The Reiki teacher performs attunement at each level of training. It helps to open and expand the main energy channels of the trainee’s body. Plus, it also allows the universal energy (called Qi/Chi/Ki) to flow freely and deeply through their body.

Get Insights on Reiki Healing Through an Introductory Workshop

At Reiki Dome, an introductory workshop will help you know if Reiki healing or training is right for you. You will see how Reiki works through a short demonstration. Besides, you will get to know your Reiki teacher even before you start Level 1 Reiki Training. What’s more, you can also fire questions related to your health concerns. Since it will be an Introductory Workshop and not the actual training, it will cost you significantly less.

So, why wait when you can learn a skill that will empower you to take charge of your life and maintain optimum health? Book Your Introductory Workshop for Reiki Training Program now.


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