Boost Your Immune System through Chakras

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Chakras are literally wheels of energy which are related to the nerve centers in the body. When they are balanced and open, they can help boost your immune system tremendously. As you are aware, with a strong immune system, the body is able to effectively fight off diseases and keep itself and its internal organs in good shape.

Chakras has a direct relationship with our nerves and key organs as well as our spiritual, psychological and emotional states of being, and that explains why it is effective in boosting the immune system. So whenever you are sick or feel sick, energetic healing techniques such as Reiki and Qigong, can easily redirect a lot energy into your immune system. This has healing effect, not the drugs that are taken by most people.

There are seven chakras in the body which are connected to the body glands. The seven chakras are discussed below;

1. Root Chakra; connected to our reproductive glands

2. Sacral Chakra; connected to the adrenal glands and can help in the control of metabolism and the immune system

3. Solar Plexus Chakra; connected to the pancreatic gland and can as well control metabolism

4. Heart Chakra; connected to thymus gland and can regulate the immune system

5. Throat Chakra; connected to thyroid gland and can be responsible for temperature changes

6. Third Eye Chakra; connected to the pituitary gland and responsible for the production of hormones and control the top 5 glands.

7. Crown Chakra; connected to pineal gland and can help regulate sleep and biological cycles. 

Navel Chakra Focus

Sometimes you can get worried emotionally or mentally or you could get irritable. These are indications that your energy is not centered, rather it is scattered around. You could even get fuzzy, basically your energy is dispersed! Your navel chakra can help redirect your energy.

Place your hands right under your navel and take a deep breath into your hands for about 60 seconds. What you want to do is deep belly breathing. You can go further by closing your eyes and visualizing a red ball of light. (Red is significant here because the yantra related to this chakra is red). As you do this, keep imagining that you are pulling your self back and pulling in all the pieces of yourself and consolidating them right in your belly. By the time you are through with this exercise, you would succeed in focusing your energy. 

Heart Chakra Focus

Heart chakra focus is extremely helpful whenever you are stressed. You may have a deadline to meet or you have a challenge that is weighing you down. You could even have bottled up feelings, all of these can contribute to suppress your immune system. However, with heart chakra focus, you can get your groove back.

Hold your hands, by crossing them over each other, over your chest and focus your attention there for about 60 seconds. By focusing, you are releasing energy. Each time you breathe out, take your hands away from your chest and imagine that you are exhaling negativity. Each time you breathe in, let your hands remain crossed. You can go further by visualizing a white colored ball, visualize the white ball growing stronger and bigger, and getting rid of negativity as it grows. Afterwards, visualize it coming back to its original size and you relax your body.

Chakras focus can be employed in a lot of ways some of which are explained above. It is important to balance and charge your chakras to strengthen the immune system.

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