Stress relief at Reiki Dome

Today the priority of human kind is Health. People don’t have anything more precious than physical and spiritual well-being, and financial stability.

We are born in information age and human’s health is under a lot of pressure from factors such as ecology (pollution of environment, atmosphere, air and food), genetics (predisposition to various diseases), hectic lifestyle, and stress. We have to strengthen and preserving our own health in order to go in hand with technological progress.

If you are not sick does not mean that you are healthy. Unfortunately, health of most people is far from good. We often have mood swings and have hard time controlling our emotions which cause breakdowns, fatigue and premature aging.

Alternative Medicine – one of the most precious treasures of mankind. Knowledge which came to us from ancient times in conjunction with the most modern technology, give millions of people’s health and longevity. Our goal is to choose the best from advanced systems of healing to maintain your health.

Alex at Reiki Dome