Your current life situations are results of choices that you made in the past.

If you decide to change your life situations then you have to change your choices today, and your life will never be the same.

Nothing in our universe happens by a chance. Everything in the Universe happens for a reason!

Everything that we do have a reaction. Every thought, word, or feeling is a cause that in turn creates an effect that is desirable or undesirable.

The effect is already in the cause. We are creators of our reality. It is important to take responsibilities for our actions.

In other words, our thoughts, feelings, and actions create a frequency in our body’s cellular structure and have an effect outside of our energy field, in the environment and Cosmos.

Therefore, our vibrations affect the whole universe. Also, every effect becomes a cause of something else.

It can be implied from the Law of Cause and Effect that if you have a chronical illness then something in your energy field or outside of your energy field is causing this illness.


Alex / Reiki Dome