Using Candles to Amplify the Benefits of Reiki Therapy

Candles Reiki Color Therapy

# Using Candles to Amplify the benefits of Reiki Therapy. Understanding the Power of Candles in Healing.   Candles have been used for centuries as a source of light, but their significance goes far beyond mere illumination. In recent years, candles have emerged as a powerful tool in alternative medicine, particularly in the realm of […]

How Does Reiki Healing Therapy Work?

woman receiving Reiki healing treatment

Reiki therapy is an effective way of guiding energy throughout the body to promote self-healing. It is significantly adopted as a complimentary healing technique to promote faster healing and better management of symptoms of various illnesses. The International Center for Reiki defines it as a combination of two words, ‘Rei’, meaning God’s wisdom, and ‘ki’ […]

How Chakra Healing Improves Your Life


You must have heard of the seven chakras (in Sanskrit), present in the human body. Each chakra is associated with meaning interpretations and is quite significant in improving life quality. Their interpretation might seem complex but is quite simple as well as interesting. The simplest way to interpret chakras would be as the meeting points […]