How Does Reiki Healing Therapy Work?

woman receiving Reiki healing treatment

Reiki therapy is an effective way of guiding energy throughout the body to promote self-healing. It is significantly adopted as a complimentary healing technique to promote faster healing and better management of symptoms of various illnesses. The International Center for Reiki defines it as a combination of two words, ‘Rei’, meaning God’s wisdom, and ‘ki’ meaning, life force energy.   

Reiki is taught as per the Japanese tradition of sensei or teacher who transfers the knowledge to students through attunement. Attunement is the initiation ceremony that helps students to open their energy channels and facilitate the flow of healing energy. Once these channels are open, they become accessible to the practitioners for the rest of their life.

If you are looking for ways to start your Reiki healing journey, there are some  Certified Reiki Teachers that are offering Reiki services. You can check their website online for all the necessary details.

The levels of Reiki training

The Reiki Master training consists of three levels. The first level practitioners can practice Reiki techniques on themselves, which include light touch. The second-degree practitioners can perform distance healing techniques, and the third-degree practitioners are considered Master level practitioners. They often have their own business practice, and can teach and influence others about Reiki healing.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki practice has helped many people with faster healing for various illnesses, be it physical, physiological, or psychological. Many people suffering from health issues like insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and body pain found relief through Reiki therapy.

The research conducted in this field suggests that Reiki practice helped people by lowering stress and anxiety levels, thus improving mood and sleep. The research also showed that reiki practice helped cancer patients with effective management of pain and anxiety levels.

Reiki practice gives the individual’s body a break from stress agents of their mundane life and helps them enter a state of relaxation. When in a relaxed state, the body gains strength to heal from any damage brought upon it due to stress, injury, or illnesses.

Researchers also found that the heart rate variability was better among individuals after a Reiki session. It further suggests that Reiki practice helps a stressed nervous system relax.

Are there any risks associated with Reiki practice?

The best thing about Reiki healing therapy is that it doesn’t have any side effects or drawbacks. It is being adopted by many people as a complementary form of therapy, and there are no reported or significant dangers or harmful effects of Reiki practice.

In your first Reiki session, the practitioner will have you lie down on a massage table, so wear something comfortable. The Reiki therapy session requires the practitioner to use their hands to perform Reiki. Clients tend to go into a deep meditative state during the therapy session that helps them relax and connect with their bodies at deeper levels. You should look for trained Reiki professionals near you to start your healing journey. There are many experienced Reiki practitioners in Bellevue and Seattle metropolitan area. While Reiki practice doesn’t pose any harm, it is best to trust only Reiki Master practitioners to get the most benefits from a Reiki healing therapy. Call Alex to learn more about Reiki services at Reiki Dome and start your healing journey today.



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