Effectiveness of Reiki in Curing Migraines

Headache migraine healing

Life for a migraine sufferer can be put on hold more often due to the inconsistent nature of the migraine headaches. When you are prone to migraine attacks, you never know how severe the signs of the next migraine would be, when it will strike next, how long it will last, or even how fast the symptoms will hit you. There are a variety of complementary and alternative methods of treating migraines. Reiki is a complementary method of treating migraines that prides in being effective in curing pain, cost effective and also with minimal recovery time.

Reiki treatment for migraines is very convenient and easy as it doesn’t require a patient to possess prior advanced training level to handle it. What’s more, you can also incorporate Reiki into other migraine therapies and it will blend effectively. If you are a chronic migraine sufferer, you can reduce the symptoms of hearing, vision, sensitivity and nausea way before the flare-up of the pain, thereby helping you manage the headache easily. Reiki is a natural healing method, as such, you are guaranteed that you will not suffer adverse side effects. Furthermore, you can implement it at any stage of migraine treatment.

As a recipient of Reiki treatment, the patient has total control of the healing power. This is because body’s innate wisdom is required to determine the areas where the energy should be targeted. When the headache or the migraines burst, the brain receives a message that the body’s homeostasis requires to be restored. Reiki responds by fueling the homeostasis process that triggers the restoration of emotional, mental and physical balance. The treatment works to accelerate and enhance the natural healing process of both mind and body. The integrated functioning of the entire body’s healing mechanism is encouraged by inducing a deep relaxation response. Through the autonomic nervous system induced by the relaxation of the body, you get an opportunity to enjoy reduced anxiety, relieved tension and lower heart rate as well as the blood pressure.

Reiki’s effectiveness in healing migraines can also be traced in its ability to reduce the pain reception by boosting the immune system. The message sent to be brain to restore body balance stimulates the brain to produce endorphins which reduce the perception to pain as well as an improvement in the overall health status. With the modern lifestyle trends where people are always busy, work related headaches are more prevalent as well as incidences of “burn out”. Therapists ad health practitioners recommended Reiki is an alternative and effective migraine healing method as it can be self-administered for reducing pain, improving general well-being, gaining focus, clarity, balance, calmness as well as for self-centering. According to a study by nurses at Sonoma State University, Reiki should be incorporated in every facet of nursing as a natural adjunct to other therapeutic practices. During the study, it was noted that patient who implemented Reiki in their treatment routine were able to reduce their dosage early, experience improved satisfaction, faster healing process, acceleration of the post-surgery recuperation and improved positive thinking.

Reiki has worked for many migraine patients and therefore, its effectiveness has been tried and tested and recommended.

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