How to Include Reiki Principles in Your Everyday life

reiki in everyday life

The Japanese technique of energy healing therapy, Reiki, is based on the fact that all humans have energy fields that keep them alive. When the flow of energy reduces or gets blocked, it can lead to physical, mental, and emotional issues. The purpose of a Reiki training program is to achieve good health by balancing these energy fields through Self-Reiki. Reiki is, typically, done by a professional Reiki healer who places their hands on or just above the body to redirect energy. This works only when someone has received the attunement.

A 2014 study suggests that Reiki healing therapy can be effective in reducing pain and anxiety. Another study conducted in 2011 shows that Reiki can help improve overall mood and well-being. Just like other spiritual practices and therapies, Reiki therapy is also based on a set of principles that are similar to intentions or affirmations. These principles help focus on the present moment and offer guidance to remove the blockage and improve the flow of energy to boost your sense of well-being in different ways.

How can I utilize Reiki principles in my daily life?

Identify and Release the Feelings of Anger

The first principle is to release angry thoughts which helps improve your relationship. For that, first, you need to recognize where your feelings of anger come from. Think about when you felt angry today or yesterday. Think about earlier events that made you angry and then compare your emotions.

Once you identify your feelings of anger, you need to ask your higher self to release thoughts and feelings of anger. Take two deep breaths and imagine letting go of the negative energy associated with anger every time you exhale.

Release Your Thoughts of Worry

Practice the second principle of releasing thoughts that make you anxious in daily life. Follow the same process as you did when releasing your anger. Think about when you felt worries or similar scenarios from your past. Then, take deep breaths and release the negative energy associated with anxiety with each exhale to feel calm and relaxed.

Practice Gratitude in Everyday Life

The third principle involves thinking that “I am grateful” and the act of being thankful. Think about every positive thing that happens in your life no matter how small it is. Pause for a few moments and express gratitude for each of those scenarios and allow your heart to feel full with each thought.

Expand Your Consciousness

When it comes to expanding your consciousness, it involves acknowledging your own mindfulness – the practice of paying attention to the here and now and living in the moment. Think when you last experienced greater consciousness by being present in the moment, feeling thankful, doing meditation, and so on. If you can’t, ask your Reiki practitioner for guidance because expanding consciousness doesn’t come easy.

Be Gentle with All Beings

The fifth principle is all about recognizing when you’ve been unkind and acknowledging how you feel and then letting go of these emotions. Identify the feelings of any guilt and anxiety related to these events and ask yourself to release that energy with each exhale after deep breaths.

If you’d like to learn more about Reiki and want to experience the benefits of Reiki healing, enroll in a Reiki training program to expedite optimum health and restore balance.  


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