Reiki Therapy in Bellevue WA

Reiki is an alternative healing practice – a type of energy healing. It targets the energy fields around your body. Energy can stagnate in your body where there has been physical injury or mental stress. Over time, these energy units can cause illness.

Although Reiki sessions typically happen in person, remote sessions are becoming quite popular these days, given the situation. So, not only do you receive the same level of healing and energy transference as hands-on Reiki, but you can also follow social distancing protocols.

Remote Reiki sessions are excellent for those at more risk for the virus, people with limited mobility, and those who don’t have the time to commute to an in-person session.

Here we’ll discuss what happens during the Reiki session:

When choosing a distant Reiki session, you should consult your healer about preparation for the session. Once done, you are ready to begin.

During your Reiki session, you can expect some or all of the following things to happen.

  1. Energy Scanning

The Reiki practitioner will check your energy field for any leaks, gaps, or imbalances. They will perform energy scanning to determine the area that they would like to spend on the most.

The practitioner will assess each chakra to test their functioning and whether they are in balance or not. Some healers use a pendulum for this part. They might take note of chakras that require additional support and talk with you about it after the session.

Your practitioner will administer Reiki throughout your body, from the top of your energy field to the toes. Regardless of where the healer directs the energy, Reiki will go where it needs to go.

In this part of the session, the Reiki healer goes back to the areas of imbalanced energy and uses additional techniques to bring balance to those places. Some methods used include:

At the final step, the practitioner will seal the healing with light and love. They will also remove any repulsed energy.

However, the protocol will differ from one healer to another. But most of them will follow these steps.

After Remote Reiki Healing

Once the remote Reiki session is over, your practitioner will offer you tips and tricks. They may tell you about the chakras that might have been out of place. Don’t panic if your chakras are out of balance. Almost everyone has at least one or more not performing at its maximum potential. It’s a rare case where a client’s chakras are perfect.

Just because your session is completed, that doesn’t mean the Reiki energy is finished. Reiki will continue to flow through you for a while. That might cause a bit of lightheadedness, which is normal.