Guide to Selecting a Suitable Reiki Training & Reiki Certification for You


Today, it’s easy to get intimidated by the choices of different Reiki training courses available. If you feel overwhelmed too, you might not be sure which Reiki training you should take or how it works.

Reiki is an energy healing practice, which dates back to the 1920s in Japan. Today, this method has developed into the modern Reiki practice that is used all over the world.

Through this healing procedure, the practitioner targets energy fields across the body. The specialist lightly places their hand on the client’s body to transfer the energy. A practitioner can perform this technique on 20 different areas of the body. The client will experience improved energy flow when the energy is completely transferred.

Reiki eliminates any energy blockages that often lead to pain or illness. In a way, this procedure is similar to how acupuncture and acupressure work. Here is how you can choose suitable Reiki Certification Classes:

Just like other alternative therapeutic modalities, Reiki certification and Reiki training isn’t regulated. However, it is much better to become a licensed and regulated professional. Most Reiki training programs have novice, intermediate, and advanced Reiki courses.

  • Reiki Level 1 (First degree or Shoden)

This course is available to everyone. Generally, self-Reiki is the primary focus at the first degree. In Reiki level 1, you will learn to connect to the energy channels and carry out this practice yourself.

  • Reiki Level 2 (Second degree or Okuden)

In the second degree course, you dive deeper into the Reiki concept and learn how to practice it on others. Also, you obtain Reiki symbols to work with clients on distance healing and send Reiki energy to the past, present, and future circumstances.

  • Reiki Level 3 (Third Degree or Shinpiden)

The third degree usually involves becoming a Reiki Master where you can teach others about the Reiki practice.  However, Level 3 is often divided into two levels: Reiki Master Level and Level 3 Shinpiden.

Generally, a beginner may cost about $200-$300. Meanwhile, a Master’s program may cost around $1,600-$2,000, depending on various factors.

In-Person or Online Reiki Training Courses:

Your choice will depend on how you intend to practice Reiki. Learning online will be a better option if you’re looking to help your clients online. Also, when you choose online training, you have more choices when selecting your Reiki Master.

Some people argue that in-person practice is the best way to take the classes. However, that’s debatable.

You can also choose a combination of in-person and online classes. For instance, you can start with an in-person class and then move to an online version for your intermediate and Master training.

Time Taken to Become a Reiki Master

That depends on the training program you choose. Between your beginner and intermediate Reiki certification, some courses might require a year. Moreover, some necessitate up to two years between intermediate and Reiki Master Certification.

However, there are courses available that you can finish within a year or less. Generally, beginner Reiki training classes take only a few days to complete.

Is Reiki Training Right for you?

Usually, selecting the best Reiki certification classes comes down to your location, ability to travel, and whether you want to complete your training online or in-person course. 


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