Reduce the Effects of Covid-19 Stress with Reiki Therapy

By now, one of the most talked about phenomena is the coronavirus disease, or COVID-19 as it is more popularly known. This disease single-handedly brought the world to a screeching halt in March of 2020.

But what about the citizens? Imagine how extremely stressful this period was, and continues to be, for those faced with unemployment, the sudden introduction of a new mode of learning and the mental strain that came with adapting to what is now referred to as “our new normal.”

Admittedly, the world did “slow down” as we all attempted to adjust to the pandemic. However, we were soon forced to push our own anxiety, stress and worry aside to continue with business as usual. The CDC even shared that COVID-19 has in fact impacted our lives. Numerous persons are facing challenges that can be described as stressful, overwhelming and may result in strong emotions in adults and children.

Social distancing have become a necessary aspect of our daily lives as we continue to reduce the spread of the virus, but these strategies can also contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness. So how do we deal with this? What can we do to achieve some amount of normalcy and reduce the stress so many of us are enduring?

It’s pretty simple. Participating in Reiki is one of the main methods that can be used to help us to achieve emotional healing as we try to deal with the stress associated with COVID. But what is Reiki?

Reiki originated in Japan and is a form of alternative medicine which is called energy healing. In order to execute this great stress reliever, practitioners use a specific technique which includes what is known as hands-on healing. As the name suggests, this technique allows the transfer of “universal energy” between the practitioner and the patient through hands. It allows emotional and physical healing to take place.

In a time such as now, when so much seems to be happening in the world, Reiki will help to not only improve your health but reduce the stress associated with COVID-19.

It is no secret that life can be demanding, and COVID-19 has only added to the multitude of stressors that we have to deal with daily. Believe it or not, stress presents itself as muscle tension in different areas of the body such as the neck, back and shoulders, and may even cause headaches, insomnia, worry, anxiety and lack of concentration.

Reiki helps to relieve the body of its stress, whether from the effects of COVID or otherwise, through its very simple process. As a Reiki practitioner gently moves hands on or above the body of the client, the stress level is being reduced and healing is being promoted while a healthy flow of energy is being restored.

It is the aforementioned process that contributed to 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children utilizing this type of energy healing therapy in America. In fact, Reiki is now used by a growing audience in the US to help with not only relaxation, anxiety and pain management but depression as well.

Among the benefits of Reiki is relaxation. By relaxing, our muscles are able to release tension and lower both our blood pressure and heart rate. Reiki is an excellent choice of stress reliever, especially during these unprecedented times as it ultimately helps us to gain a state of mental and psychological rest.


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