Let go insecurity and feeling like you are not enough


You don’t have to feel perfect or look perfect to become a Reiki practitioner or a health coach.

A lot of specialists think they need to resolve all their health issues and lose 15 pounds before they start their business and serve clients. It’s just not true.

Being a great Reiki therapist or health coach means you’re dedicated to serving your clients, and you know the tools you have can help them.

Your business will grow if you focus on serving people. Don’t wait to perfect your skills, just start helping others.


At the same time, it is important to take care of yourself. Many of my students spend 15 minutes a day going outside in nature where they can relax, meditate, and heal. This is amazing way to recharge and disconnect from the hectic environment we are in most of our life. 

Reiki is one of the mysterious modalities that help to build awareness and improve mind body relationship naturally. For example, every time you help others heal with Reiki Therapy, the Universal energy will harmonize and nourish your energy field, supporting you in your work.  

When you open your heart to helping others and realize what a difference you can make for this world then getting clients will become so much easier. As you balance your heart chakra people around might start feeling different in your presence. It is a feeling that is hard to describe in words since one has to experience it to understand. 

You can be yourself slowly becoming better you in a process of helping clients to transform. May you never be the same! 


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