Reiki Can Help to Preserve and Strengthen Health

Reiki hands treatment allows each person to get rid of fears and remove subconscious blockages. And this becomes possible thanks to the Universal healing energy.

Reiki treatment method is a gentle way to restore and boost human energy field, and the physical body follows this transformation. According to clients, stress and tension associated with feelings, emotions and thoughts gradually disappear after a few Reiki sessions. As a result, the body becomes stronger and healthier.

Reiki principles are important. I often explain to my clients that none of the non-traditional practices can help an individual who is not ready to change their habitual attitude towards others and towards themselves, their worldview, and relationship to their suffering body.

What is the foundation of the Japanese method of treatment? It is the daily implementation of the five Reiki principles.

Just for today: I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today: I will not worry.

Just for today: I will not be angry.

Just for today: I will do my work honestly.

Just for today: I will be kind to every living thing.

Just for today – the importance of “today” is applicable for all five principles. “Today” is a collection of present moments. It is best to be thankful for each moment and enjoy every day.

The Reiki Master training includes three levels. Each of them is important. All of them are offered to build confidence by practicing Reiki healing art. Before moving on to each of the subsequent levels, the student’s initiation takes place. It is a special ritual that aims to open chakras and energy meridians. It is through them that the Reiki energy flows. Let’s take a closer look at the Reiki training:

At Reiki Level I, the practice of Reiki sets the goal of physical healing of a person. Energy cleansing is achieved literally on all levels. With the help of the practice of Reiki, which will eliminate the disbalance in the biofield, it will be possible to harmonize your energy field, therefore bringing deeper peace and harmony to your life. This will help to strengthen health. The feedback of clients after a Reiki treatment shows that the healing process occurs gradually. For best results it is best to practice Reiki daily.

At Reiki Level II, individual’s capabilities to transmit Reiki energy is significantly expanded. Diligent training allows students to transmit Universal life energy at a distance.

Reiki Level III is advanced Reiki practitioner training. This level is for the students who wish to advance their Reiki experience to higher level and to enhance their Reiki practice and spiritual development. This training includes Reiki Master attunement which significantly increases the flow of healing Reiki energy. 

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