Normalize the Ultradian Rhythm with Reiki

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The ultradian rhythm is the natural human body cycle of activity and rest that we need to stay healthy. During the day we often have a sudden urge to stop and rest because the body needs to take short breaks every 90-120 minutes to repair and maintain itself.

Unfortunately, most individuals misjudge this natural and important process and fail to allow themselves a short break during work, studying, watching television, walking, etc. Instead of relaxing and recharging for a few minutes most people prefer a boost of energy from coffee, sweets, cigarettes, etc.
Research shows that the human body needs to take regular breaks to maintain health and well-being. The neglect of this awareness leads to health problems and disorders such as depression, mood swings, psychosomatic pain and illnesses, sexual dysfunction, and eating disorders.

Reiki can be used to bring the body back in to balance and normalize the Ultradian rhythm.

What are the signs that you need to take a break? Sudden feeling of slowing down or loss of energy and trance like state are signs that it is best to take a short break. This will help to rejuvenate your mind and body.


1. Reiki your eyes for a few minutes. This will have a deep relaxation effect for your mind and body.

2. Tap your thymus gland 10 times and put your hands on thymus to charge it with Reiki. The thymus gland that is situated between the throat and the heart chakra is an organ that is responsible for producing white infection fighting blood cells. It plays a part in the development of immunities against various diseases by forming a hormone essential to the immune system known as the thymic humoral factor.

3. Reiki your Tanden point which is a few inches below the belly button. This practice is good for cultivating energy in your lower dantian, which is your main energy center. Notice any tension or discomfort in your body during this part of the practice. You can move your hands to the Tanden area and hold your hands there till discomfort or pain dissipate.


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