reiki therapy

“There are two ways to become happy, but only one of them leads to permanent happiness and success, without draining your energy.

The first path is taken by those who see themselves only as material bodies. When I only see myself as a body, I crave possessions. The more physical possessions I acquire, the happier I become. My car, my house, the money on my bank account…

They all bring me material happiness, but only at the cost of spiritual and energetic distress. Traits such as anger, fear, jealousy, greed, and worry are inevitable. The energy I invest into keeping those possessions is lost.

The second path is for those who see themselves not only as material bodies but as a soul covered by matter and energy. The more we realize who we really are the more we see beyond our temporary material bodies. When our mind is cleansed and controlled – only then is the soul able to shine through with rays of love and healing light.

Ancients knew that we have a soul (Atma), the source of consciousness. It is the life force of every living being. The material body simply encases it (from Vedas). If I am a soul merely covered in a physical body, then I don’t need to seek happiness in the material world. I still need the necessities and financial stability, but I will not seek happiness in money and possessions.

Past is already gone, and you will live the future that you manifest. Forgive yourself for things you did wrong in the past. Love yourself. Enjoy living in the present moment.” – Excerpt from the book “Restore Your Health in 30 Days or Less” by Alex Akselrod.

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