The Various Types of Qigong and Their Benefits

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Qigong, which is pronounced chee-gung, is a study and practice focused on cultivating the vital life force through various techniques exercises, and movements, including breathing techniques, postures, meditations, and guided imagery. The word ‘Qi’ in qigong, refers to breathe or air, which is considered the ‘vital life force’, also known as life force energy. ‘Gong’ […]

The Guiding Principles of Qigong

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Qigong which is pronounced as chi gong is an ancient Chinese healing practice that involves meditation, breathing techniques, and gentle movements. The Qi in qigong refers to the vital force of life, while gong means mastery. Together it roughly translates to “the master of one’s energy”. Qigong’s practice cultivates the energy and strength of nature […]

Health Benefits of Qigong

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Health Benefits of Qigong  Qigong is a healing method that includes breathing exercises, movement, and self-massage. Its roots can be found in Chinese medicine and philosophy. There are several qigong styles, some emphasizing health and others focused on spirituality or martial arts training. Here, we’ll talk about medical Qigong and what it entails, its possible health […]

Benefits of Reiki and Qigong Energy

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Benefits of Reiki and Qigong Energy for Well-being Research over the years has led to the discovery that the Universe is made of pure energy. Most of the things we see smell, touch, hear and taste appear, to the naked eye, as either gaseous, liquid or solid. However, quantum physics has proven that if you […]

Restore the Natural Way to Heat Your Body!

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Most of us feel discomfort when it gets cold outside. You may be surprised to discover that you possess a heating mechanism that can warm your body freely and easily. Unfortunately, most people have lost this ability because we invented fire and clothing and have been using them for thousands of years. In order to […]

Protect Eyes from Digital Devices and Blue Light

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The advent of technology has significantly increased the amount of time we spend in front of screens. What does this mean for eye health? Constant technology use often leads to ocular discomfort, minor eye ailments and eventually long term sight defects. Most digital devices we use today emit blue light that negatively impacts eyesight and […]

Kototama: A Spiritual Method That Can Improve Your Health


The Kototama Principle can make you well in an unwell world. Kototama is the Japanese work for “Sound Spirit” and according to some Japanese scholars; sounds of the Japanese Syllabi can actuality cure disease. This may sound far-fetched to Western minds but it is an accepted fact in Asia. The Martial Art of Aikido was […]

The Awakening of Kundalini

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#The Awakening of Kundalini service at Reiki Dome A story is told of a beggar who lived in absolute poverty. Upon his death, people figured out that the best place to bury him would be right below the tree under which he begged. However, as they were digging his grave, they chanced upon a huge […]

The Secret Behind the Chakras, Bellevue WA

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No matter your race, religion, or spirituality everyone can agree that our bodies are full of energy and vibrations. These vibrations originate in our body’s chakras and move outwards to the rest of our body and into the world around us. The vibrations we send out affect everything in our lives. If you have ever […]

Sahaja Yoga Improve Sleep Quality

Sahaja Yoga Improve Sleep Quality

Sahaja Yoga Improve Sleep Quality Naturally Bellevue Washington. Sahaja Yoga is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on healing the body and mind through the use of natural remedies and energy healing. It is based on the principles of harnessing the body’s own energy to promote overall well-being. One area in which Sahaja Yoga […]